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Section 1: Summary
An excellent summary will provide a clear, brief overview of the question or problem you are investigating, the stages of your project, what you set out to achieve and how far you succeeded.

Section 2: About me/the team
Excellent Entrants/Teams will show a real passion for science or engineering and be able to present their ideas with confidence, clarity and enthusiasm.

Section 3: Question/Proposal
An excellent question or proposal will be interesting, creative, worded scientifically and relevant to the world today. Entrants/Teams will include a hypothesis or expected outcome that leads on from the question, is tightly focused and builds on existing knowledge.

Section 4: Research
Excellent Entrants/Teams will undertake research to help them shape their Entry and to put their work into a relevant, real-world context.

Section 5: Method/Testing and Redesign
Excellent Entrants/Teams will demonstrate that they have used good experimental techniques or testing processes and describe their method clearly and in detail.

Section 6: Results
Excellent Entrants/Teams will record relevant data, results or observations accurately, present them clearly and will describe patterns or trends supported by these.

Section 7: Conclusion/Report
An excellent conclusion or report will explain how the experiment or testing answers the question or problem, or why it fails to do so and whether or not it supports the hypothesis.

Section 8: Bibliography, References and Acknowledgements
Excellent Entrants/Teams will acknowledge and provide clear references for sources of information that they have consulted and/or referenced and acknowledge any assistance received (e.g. to find equipment and materials, to stay safe or to use unfamiliar equipment or techniques).